Gratitude Attraction Experiment on Facebook

I decided to try an experiment on Facebook by starting a group called Gratitude Attraction in which I asked people to post three things they were grateful for that happened that day.

My thinking was that the more gratitude expressed, the more the universe would provide to be grateful for. I figured I’d be lucky if 10 people joined, yet in a few short months we have close to 2300 members from all over the world! It’s so inspiring to read the posts, see their photos, and realize there is ALWAYS SOMETHING to be grateful for.

The stories people post are sometimes mind blowing. People are grateful for horrible things that have happened in their lives because they find the good in it.  A man even expressed gratitude for having been stabbed and had the photos to prove it!  If that’s not truly amazing, I don’t know what is.  He’s had the most horrific things happen to him, yet he has found a way to be grateful for all of it.

People post lovely photos and share wonderful moments from their daily lives. It really does make one realize how much we have to be thankful for.  I am also thankful for simple things like finding a dollar on the floor at work or a warm smile from a stranger.

Even on the darkest of days I have to remind myself how blessed I really am.  I have my sight, my hearing, a reliable car, a cell phone, a home, a TV, a computer, a husband of 22 years,  food in my fridge, clothes on my back, credit cards, etc. I am indeed more fortunate than most.  I may not have the life I once had, or all that I want, but I know that by being grateful for what I DO have will bring me more of what I want.

There are still many moments when I complain and feel really sorry for myself. Focusing on those problems will only bring me more of them but sometimes it’s hard to ignore.

Focusing on gratitude changes everything – immensely.

Here’s a great example: I was at my job, which I hate beyond comprehension, and went outside to go on a rampage of appreciation.  I sat on a rock and expressed gratitude for EVERYTHING I could think of – the sun, the stars, the breeze, the grass, my car, my senses, my health, my car, my home, the roads – you get the idea.  I just kept going and going.

I went back into work and a few minutes later the Governor of New Jersey appeared.  I started speaking to him and told him I had once worked in state government.  He asked me if I wanted to get back into it and I said YES!  He took out a slip of paper, wrote “Erica, I want to help,” and signed his name.  Then on another piece of paper he wrote a name and phone number of his personal assistant and told me to call her.

The result of all this? I have a meeting with the head of Gubernatorial Appointments on May 11, which just happens to be my late father’s birthday.  I don’t believe in coincidences.  I believe that my being grateful and expressing it to the universe gave me more to be grateful for. Furthermore, maybe the universe, in it’s ultimate wisdom, put me in the horrible job so that a great job could happen.

Remembering to be grateful isn’t always the easiest thing; however I’m learning to monitor my thoughts, words and actions.

Give daily gratitude a try and if you’re on Facebook come join us in Gratitude Attraction and share your stories!