Less is More when it comes to makeup

Makeup Tips for Middle Aged Women

Being over 50, I’ve come up with some makeup tips for middle aged women.  The most important epiphany was  that less is more when it comes to makeup and good skin care is the secret to looking better and younger.

Last year I went on a makeup kick with all kinds of products – eye shadows, concealers, correctors, powders, etc.  What I noticed? I looked OLDER – a LOT older.  I even started wearing contact lenses again and much to my chagrin, discovered that my glasses were hiding a lot of my not so nice eye area.  I have discoloration under my eyes, some lines, and a hollow look. UGH!

So being over 50, I started to do some research and experimentation and discovered less makeup made me look younger.  Take a look at older celebrities – Meryl Streep, Susan Sarandon, Lisa Edelstein and you’ll see they aren’t sporting the same makeup as J Lo or Beyoncé.  In fact, Lisa Edelstein doesn’t appear to be wearing makeup at all!

Good skin care is essential and there is so much out there that promises virtual miracles. I’ve tried ultra expensive to the drug store brands only to find none of it really works.  All they do is moisturize, which is important, especially with an SPF.

The exception to this rule has been Renergie Eye Cream from Lancôme.  renergie eyeI really have noticed after about a month of twice daily use that my lids are way less hooded and the lines under my eyes are smoother.  I’ll get to my other skin care picks later.

I still use concealer (MAC) but I gave up the powder and sometimes even add a dab of moisturizer over the concealer. Sometimes I’ll use a brightening pen (MAC) under eyes and blend with a BeautyBlender. The powder (everyone said was mandatory) was actually accentuating the lines under my eyes. I’ve tossed the powder all together. The same with foundation.  Primer really didn’t help and powder on top of the foundation made the makeup settle into my laugh lines, making them even more noticeable. I stopped using contour.  I definitely cut down the eye shadow and sometimes don’t wear it at all.  I think it draws more attention to hooded eye lids, which are far better since using the Renergie.

Mascara is every day – waterproof always because my eyes tear. When it comes to mascara I think the only difference is the brush.  There is no need to spend $30 on mascara which is going to get clumpy and tossed after a couple of months. I like Rimmel Scandal Eyes which is about $8 at CVS.  I now tend to skip eyeliner as it accentuates hooded lids unless you are really good at a small wing at the end.  An artist I am not.  By the way, Never line your under eyes, especially with black liner; it just makes your eyes look smaller.   I also think black eyeliner is too severe and prefer a dark brown. Clinique makes an inexpensive pen with a felt tip that I like a lot. I’m not sure if it comes in brown.  They only had black when I bought it; but it’s very easy to apply a nice thin line right at the base of your lashes.

As for lipstick, I stick to sheer or nude colors because bold colors when you’re over 50 seem to accentuate  lip lines.  As much as I love the bold colors and was particularly in love with a new matte purple, my husband looked at me in horror and said “no one has purple lips!”  That made me think of dead people with purple lips and now that lipstick is in the drawer of “never to be used again” makeup.

I do swear by Bobbi Brown finishing mist after my foundation as it eliminates any cakey look. It is filled with ingredients that are good for your skin, it dries quickly, and feels and smells great.finishing mist


For my foundation: I’m still hooked on Too Face Born this Way. born this waySometimes I’ll use a stippling brush for foundation, sometimes a BeuatyBlender.  The coverage is better with the brush.  I have dark spots that get covered with my foundation; but as soon as I put blush on, those dark spots spring back to life.  I’ve tried everything to cover them and nothing has worked.  Prescription creams didn’t fade them, so now I just dab blush on ever so lightly with an angled blush brush. Milani baked blush stays on all day and it’s about $8 at the drugstore.

Now over 50 skin care:

I’ve been using Lancôme Geneifique for 6 weeks without noticing a difference. Then I use Josie Maran’s Argon Oil Milk as my serum. During the day I’m using Lancôme Renergie moisturizer with SPF. At night I use josie maran eyeJosie’s Maran’s Face Butter over the milk and lock it all down with straight argon oil.josie maran face butter

I haven’t noticed much in the diminishment of my wrinkles but definitely have noticed firmness, especially around my jaw line.  I have noticed my neck lines are significantly improved.  Now if I could get those results in other areas of my face like above my lip and in between my eyebrows. By the way, how do I still have wrinkles there when I have Botox?

As I’ve been cutting down the amount of makeup I use, I definitely look younger so when you’re over 50, less is more when it comes to makeup.