Horses touch our souls and hearts

horse-eyeHorses don’t just touch our lives; they touch the very core of our souls and hearts.  Horses are a blessing and good for our mind, body, and spirit.  For horse people, the obsession usually begins early in life and becomes a lifelong passion.

There’s nothing like hearing the little nicker from your horse as you walk into the barn, the gentle nuzzle from that super soft muzzle, or when he checks your pockets trying to find those peppermints he knows you have.  Just being with your horse transcends the problems of everyday life, because when you’re with your horse, nothing else matters; all is well with the world.

The pure pleasure from being around horses can’t be measured. It’s a feeling deep within you and something you ache deeply for when deprived of it.

Being in a horse’s presence is soothing. 

horse-groomingA good grooming session helps build the bond between horse and rider, and should be pleasurable for both.  Watching your horse stretch his neck in bliss as you curry the “itchy spot” brings a smile to your face.  Taking the time to carefully untangle every knot in a bushy tail can be calming, as your mind isn’t concerned with daily worries – not to mention the pride you feel in seeing the finished result.

An amazing trust is built between horse and rider.  Think about a 150 pound person getting a 1000 pound animal to willingly and happily succumb to his rider’s wishes.  That’s trust and a unique bond.  It doesn’t matter if you’re out for a trail ride on a crisp fall day or getting blue ribbons at indoors, the bliss is the same.  Even a good lesson can leave you on a high for days.

Horse people understand all of this.